Tariscope. Configuration, operation and maintenance

Training program

ts trainingThe training program is used for both the Tariscope Enterprise edition and the Tariscope Provider edition.

Training course takes 2 business days.


Topics Covered

Introduction Purpose.
Editions of Tariscope.
Supported PBXs and telephone exchanges.
Tariscope structure Structure.
The purpose of each program module.
Software and hardware requirements Operating systems.
SQL Servers used.
Performance evaluation of Tariscope depending on the hardware platform.
Assessment of the required database volume and memory.
Minimum hardware requirements.
Software requirements.
Providing fault tolerance and minimal recovery time.
Recommendations for performance optimization.
Installation and activation Installation.
Creating registration file.
Use of an activation key.
System setting Initial configuration.
Features configuration for various equipment.
Input of subscriber parameters.
Configuration of telecommunication providers' parameters:
  • area codes,
  • rates, zones,
  • rate plans,
  • categories.
Configuration of telecommunication service parameters.
Configuration of currency parameters.
Configuration of Tariscope Observer.
Configuration of the restriction feature.
Configuration of parameters of a virtual subscriber.
User management.
User-defined variables,
Configuration of Tariscope Jobs.
Installation and configuration of Tariscope Personal Area.
Configuration of interaction with a hotel system.
Working with Tariscope Tariscope views, their features and capabilities.
Data filtering:
  • Quick filter,
  • Introduction to SQL,
  • Query Builder,
  • Saving filter options, theirs application.
Grouping feature.
Simple reports.
Routes, trunks, subscribers load analysis.
Comparison of rating results.
Subscriber Data Management:
  • charging services,
  • an input of payments.
Report forms:
  • a list and purpose of report forms;
  • editing and creating of your own report forms using the Report Designer;
  • editing and creation of your own report forms using the Microsoft Report Builder.
Using of the Tariscope Personal Area.
Working with payment cards.
Tariscope Management Control over the access to the Tariscope database.
Control over the changes in the Tariscope database.
Control over the automatic execution of a task.
Backup and restore of the database.
Archiving the database of calls.

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