Soft­PI is a soft­wa­re de­velo­per company.
We of­fer:

  • our software products;
  • cus­tom soft­wa­re de­velop­ment;
  • consulting services in the field of information technology.

We have been developing our software sin­ce 1998. Our software are used by thousands of state institutions, banks, commercial companies, enterprises, educational institutions in more then 25 countries of the world.

Our software products

The main our software products are the following ones:

  • Tariscope is a call accounting and billing solution;
  • VoiceNib is a VoIP call recoding system;
  • SoftPI Flow Collector is a collector of information about network flows using NetFlow, IPFIX or RFlow;
  • fSonar is a program network sensor of NetFlow for computers with Windows;
  • SoftPI RADIUS is a RADIUS server for centralized authentication, authorization and accounting of network resources;
  • PBX Helper is a software for administration of PBX: CS1000 / Meridian 1 (Avaya-Nortel);
  • COM2LAN is a serial port-to-TCP/IP converter. 


 Custom software development

If you are interested in development of custom software solutions, we can guarantee fast and high quality software development with the provision of warranties to support it. Send us your suggestions for the development of software.