COM2LAN is designed to work with a serial port of a remote computer over a network that supports IP and Rlogin. COM2LAN transmits packets from the serial port to the LAN and vice versa.

COM2LAN works as a server that supports the protocol Rlogin (RFC 1282). As the client software on remote computers can use the program:

  • CDR Observer (SoftPI). It is a Windows service from the Tariscope system.
  • PBX Helper (SoftPI). It is a terminal program, which can be used, for example, to administrate PBX CS1000 / Meridian 1 (Avaya-Nortel).
  • HyperTerminal (Microsoft), which is part of Windows systems.
  • Telnet, or other application that can connect to the server Rlogin.

To protect against unauthorized access to the COM2LAN server the password prompt is used.

The data transmitted in the IP network may be encrypted to protect them from interception.